Truist acquires savings gamification app Long Game

Truist acquires savings gamification app Long Game

American financial services company Truist has acquired mobile savings gamification app Long Game to help deliver new technology

How to Turn Your Life Into a Video Game

Obsessed with pokemon go? Find out why (and how to gamify the rest of your life!) Those of us with ADHD need the kind of immediate feedback that games provide, here are 4 more apps to add to your life! Includes gameplay footage!

Zombies, Run!:
Epic Win (iOS):
Epic Win (Android):
Pokemon Go (iOS):
Pokemon Go (Android):

“Mindfulness” video:
“Why You Can Focus on Video Games”:

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“The Show Must Be Go” “Shiny Tech”
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Superhuman’s Founder on How to Move Beyond Gamification

Forget gamification. If you want to make software that feels like play, rather than work, it requires tapping into deeper, more intrinsic motivations. And that’s about game design. Rahul Vohra, the Founder and CEO of Superhuman, shares how he has designed an enterprise product that people actually want to play with. He breaks down the seven principles of game design and how they give users an experience that’s rewarding, fun, and productive.

The reason business software today feels like work [0:50]
Why game design is not gamification [1:12]
The 5 factors Rahul uses when designing games [3:06]
Defining concrete goals for your products [3:44]
Exploring models to design emotion into your products [5:08]
Creating rapid and robust controls for business software[7:24]
Why the best games include toys [8:46]
Demo of Superhuman’s favorite toy — the time autocompleter [9:03]
Rahul defines flow and how to achieve it [10:56]
Why flow depends on balancing challenge and skill [13:50]
Summary of Rahul’s 7 Principles of game design [15:22]

Pull quotes
“Games need goals. In fact, goals are a defining feature of games. But we can’t just have any goals. We need good goals. And for a game, good goals are concrete, achievable, and rewarding.”
“The best games create strong emotions because emotions are the foundation of our memory.”

I Gamified My Life For A Week using Habitica

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I Tried Using Habitica for a Week… (Gamification To Do List App Review, Benefits, Guide, Setup)
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Story immersion reddit post:

Thanks for watching!
In this video, I’ll be showcasing my one week experience of using Habitica to gamify and organize my day-to-day life. I’ll share my personal thoughts, benefits, and workflow to help you determine whether Habitica is for you! It includes levels, stats, armor, weapons, rewards, quests, parties, guilds, and so much more RPG elements that I’ve lost count :p

▬▬▬▬▬▬► TIMESTAMPS ◀︎▬▬▬▬▬▬
00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – First Thoughts
01:21 – Setup
02:20 – Day 1
04:17 – Day 2
06:21 – Day 3
07:45 – Day 4
08:58 – Day 5
09:30 – Day 6
10:04 – Day 7
11:27 – Benefits
12:28 – Downsides
13:02 – Recommendation
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How Money Is Being Gamified

In this video, we look at how money is being gamified through brands like Raiz, Mint and Apple.

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