Top five reasons to attend FinTech and InsurTech Live

Top five reasons to attend FinTech and InsurTech Live

The top five reasons why you and your team should be attending FinTech and InsurTech Live.

Free Webinar : Why is Fintech the Next Big Thing? Build your career roadmap

Watch this free webinar with Amol Maheshwari, Chief Distribution Officer (Fibe) as he explains new-age career opportunities in Financial Technology.

About Speaker:
11+ years of experience in Finance, Wealth Management, Marketing & Tech.
Experienced Sales Leader, Executive Coach & Consultative Selling Expert
has led diverse teams of professionals to new milestones of success in Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance & Media Industries
Proven capability in business start-up development.

Who Should Watch?
Banking, Finance & FinTech Professionals
IT, Product, UI/UX Professionals
People looking to build a career in FinTech

Event Takeaways:
Learn more about trending, new-age career opportunities in Financial Technology.
Know the qualifications and skills you need to foray into this domain.
Advantages & Methods of pursuing Financial Technology as a career.

RISE, in collaboration with Grant Thornton, offers a PG Program in Financial Technology for graduates and working professionals who want to lead the FinTech roles in their careers. Our course covers the entire gamut of FinTech right from Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to Data Analytics, and Big Data.

You would gain maximum exposure to the latest trends in the FinTech domain through experiential learning, work on live projects, do an internship with Grant Thornton, and gain invaluable hands-on experience, enabling you with new skills to be a growth engine for the evolving FinTech ecosystem.

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#Fintech is ahead of #Insurtech in 2019! Venture Capitalist Pierre F. Suhrcke

Feel free to watch also: “Cooperation not Confrontation – How Insurer and Insurtech collaborate. Baloise and Kasko” –~–

At the Magic of Innovation conference in Vienna PIerre Suhrcke shared his experience as finance and insurance expert – and as Venture Capitalist and Investor. Bluntly he underlined that insurtech is lagging behind fintech having taken parts of the banking value chain. He also shared his best practices and tipps and tricks for founders. Thanks Pierre

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Top 5 Hot Insurtech Startups

5 top insurtech startups to pay attention to, some has stated their plans to go public in 2021.
Bright Health,
Oscar Health
Clover Health
Amwell ($AMWL)
#Insurance #Insurtech #Startup


Change is the only constant. This is evident in the field of financial services as well. Today, most graduates and even some workers within traditional finance roles such as banks are considering a transition into the world of fintech. Fintech is the future of finance hence the consideration is a valid one. But what should you expect from a fintech role and how does it differ from traditional finance roles. That is the subject of discussion in this video.

#fintech #digitaltransformation #career development.

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0:00 Intro
1:45 Fintech Background
5:49 Reasons to transition
6:07 Career Insurance
6:31 Digital Natives
6:48 Investor Funding
7:40 What to Expect
8:35 Culture Difference
9:47 Work Life Balance
10:15 Role Fit
10:47 Summary & Outro