Striking the right balance in customer data

Striking the right balance in customer data

Rich customer data helps fintechs and financial service providers to personalise their products – but ask for too much, and you risk the dreaded dropoff

Kalicube Tuesdays with Luke Carthy and Jason Barnard: Striking the Right Balance Between SEO & CRO

Luke Carthy talks with Jason Barnard about striking the right balance between SEO and CRO.

What you’ll learn
00:00 Luke Carthy and Jason Barnard
01:18 Luke Carthy’s Brand SERP and a dormant Twitter experiment
03:23 Will Luke Carthy consider implementing IndexNow?
05:29 Striking the right balance between SEO & CRO
13:28 Giving the customers checkout options
16:50 Do you work on SEO and CRO at the same time?
19:39 CRO and SEO = good business advice
20:53 Does CRO include ‘basket filling optimisation’?
22:37 The gamification of free shipping
26:52 Are post purchase coupons effective for customer loyalty?
30:19 Points of conflict between SEO and CRO
34:50 Tips for A/B testing
36:47 Balancing CRO and SEO

The original blurb

When it comes to ecommerce (or any business in that matter) SEO is important, but driving sales and driving commercial growth moreso. How do you balance growing traffic with SEO and driving sales with UX enhancements/conversion optimisation? Find out in this episode!

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Part of the Kalicube Tuesdays series.

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Data management – Striking the balance for your customers, regulator and shareholders

Our speakers explored how you can manage your firm’s data and information security infrastructure to satisfy the regulator (defence strategy) while using it effectively for revenue generation and customer acquisition (offence strategy).

Our data management expert, Managing Director, Niresh Rajah, examined the six fundamental data capabilities your organisation needs to be data-driven.

LevelUp 2021: Striking the Right Balance with Your Monetization // Sam Benjamin

Rather than detract from it, ad placements integrated into the core game loop can actually better serve the user experience. Sam Benjamin, Growth and Product Monetization Team Leader for ironSource’s publishing solution Supersonic, looks at how different ad implementations and placements affect player experience, engagement, and progression.

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Privacy and the Data-Driven Economy: Striking the Right Balance?

#KeithEnright #PranjalSharma #Prof.MarianaValente #JohnW.H.Denton
The internet has become an integral part of our lives and has brought about numerous benefits. However, with the increasing use of data in the internet ecosystem and business models, the need for privacy has become increasingly important. Simultaneously, it is essential to maintain a competitive landscape to encourage innovation and growth. Join us for an in-depth discussion that explores the challenges of balancing privacy and competition in the internet and technology industry, with a focus on finding a mutual compromise between these two elements while considering the priorities of the next generation.


Keith Enright, Chief Privacy Officer, Google
Pranjal Sharma, Economic Analyst, Advisor, and Author
Prof. Mariana Valente, Assistant Professor of International Business Law, University of St.Gallen
John W. H. Denton, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)