Managing fintech customers well in the cost-of-living crisis

Managing fintech customers well in the cost-of-living crisis

Cormac O’Neill, CEO of Webio talks about the cost of living crisis and how it forces collections industry to reassess how it deals with customers

Caxton: What responsibility do CFOs have for employee wellbeing?

As a CFO you have a lot of responsibilities, and with the recent changes in the employment contract, these are only increasing. Employee financial wellbeing is increasingly a joint effort between HR and finance departments. A forward-thinking CFO can get ahead of the curve with bigger-picture thinking and remembering that there is a direct correlation between how you treat your employees, and how they treat your customers. Listen to our CFO Trevor Price share his thoughts on how CFOs can integrate increasing responsibility into their role.

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How does API work for your business

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Cost of Living Crisis: Support Employees

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Expenses in the Spotlight: Transform Business Expense Management

Quick steps to create your expense policy

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International Payments for Business: The Complete Guide




Caxton is a multi-award winning fintech payments company which processes tens of millions of international and domestic transactions each year. A founding pioneer in the payments industry, Caxton is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and upholds stringent cybersecurity standards to create easier, faster, and more client focused payment technology. Offering a proprietary API as well as in-depth currency expertise, Caxton has maximised currency value and minimised risk for clients and card customers since 2002.

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Blackrock x Finimize: Managing Your Pension In A Cost Of Living Crisis

BlackRock’s Henry MacLeod and Penfold’s founder Chris Eastwood for expert tips on navigating market volatility and inflation when it comes to maintaining, growing and investing in your pension. Hosted by Finimize’s Carl Hazeley.

Amid Global Economic Crisis, India Emerges as a Bright Spot | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Amid Global Economic Crisis, India Emerges as a Bright Spot | Vantage with Palki Sharma

India’s retail inflation has plunged to a 25-month low amid a global cost-of-living crisis. The industrial output has also rebounded after a disappointing result in March. Has India emerged as the lone bright spot in the global economy? Which countries are at risk of recession? Palki Sharma tells you.

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Webinar: State of US: Finance and fintech

Right now, many Americans are trying to figure out how to make their money make sense. Finances are different for everyone but there’s one thing for certain – a lot of people are struggling.

In this webinar, our expert team of analysts will take a look at consumers’ financial expertise, attitudes, and behaviors when it comes to money management.

We’ll answer essential questions to help brands understand how to ride out this challenging time including:

– The most common financial products, assets, and investment types
– What fintech tools consumers want and who is utilizing online banking/financial services
– Which consumers have low financial expertise scores and how to reach them
– How different generations are approaching their finances and why that’s important