Game of loans: Fun and finance in the world of fintech

Game of loans: Fun and finance in the world of fintech

The gamification of fintech services is revolutionising finance for customers. Expert Josh Hart is YuLife’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, tells us

Modern Banking Platform- The Game Changing Decision

FIS Modern Banking Platform heralds a new era in banking technology, continually tested and proven in some of the world’s toughest banking environments. Built new from the ground up, this next generation solution offers componentized modules and the latest fintech capabilities to enable real-time digital processing. On top of Retail Deposits capabilities that have been available since Day One, Modern Banking Platform now also offers “Retail Lending” and “Commercial Deposits”, along with a rapidly growing ecosystem. FIS Modern Banking Platform represents a significant evolution – some would say revolution – in the highly successful solution portfolio delivered to our financial services customers.

5 BOOKS TO MASTER YOUR MONEY | Personal Finance ��

Here are the top personal finance books to learn about money. These personal finance books are also suitable for beginners to start their financial education journeys with. These are money books that everyone should read if they want to become rich or even become a millionaire. Whether you want to learn how to make money online or start a business or even just manage your money better, these personal finance books are good to start with to master your money

IFGS 2023 “Game of Loans” Are Neobanks still Challenging?

FinTech’s emergence was all about challenging the establishment. But what happens when the disruptor matures? How do neobanks keep disrupting, embrace new areas of innovation and respond to the next generation of FinTech challengers?

Valentina Kristensen, Director Growth and Communications, OakNorth
Mark Mullen, CEO, Atom Bank
Paige McNamee, Senior Reporter, Finextra (Mod)

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IFGS 2023: ‘Game of Loans’ – Are Neobanks Still Challenging?

Speaking at Innovate Finance Global Summit 2023, Mark Mullen, CEO, Atom Bank, discusses fintech’s beginnings, how it’s maturing and what is happening now for neo banks as they embrace new areas of innovation.

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