Effective Regulation is Critical to Making Crypto Mainstream

Effective Regulation is Critical to Making Crypto Mainstream

Todd Crosland, CoinZoom CEO, explains why regulation is a necessary step towards helping crypto achieve widespread adoption:

Making Crypto Mainstream | Prime Trust Webinar

As cryptocurrency continues gaining traction, new voices have joined the call for cryptoization. However, difficulties moving between fiat and crypto have stifled several would-be-innovators from joining the cause. In order to overcome this hurdle, Prime Trust sponsored a webinar featuring Cory Klippsten, CEO of SwanBitcoin.com, Sara Xi, Chief Product Officer of Prime Trust, and Graham Perry, Blockworks’ Program Director. Together, they discussed the need for seamless on/off ramping and how proper implementation will lead to a bright crypto future.


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Crypto : More Mainstream, More Regulated (webinar)

On May 26 2021, Adan President Faustine Fleuret, and Communications Director, Sebastien Couture, participated in a webinar organised by Ubble, a French company offering ID verification solutions, notably in the context of AML-FT compliance. The webinar was hosted by Ubble Co-founder Juliette Delanoë.

The event covered the following topics:

– The Frech regulatory framework for “virtual asset service providers” (PSAN)
– PSAN licensing and compliance obligations
– The role of French authorities in licensing approvals and oversight
– What is eIDAS and the different verification levels
– eIDAS and how it relates to the EU LCBFT-5 directive
– How video verification is improving the onboarding process for crypto companies
– The risks and benefits of regulatory compliance for crypto sector actors
– Shortcoming of the upcoming MiCA frameworks and Adan’s proposals for improvement

Hong Kong’s New Crypto Regulation: Will It Attract the Industry? – Ep. 505

On June 1, Hong Kong implemented new crypto regulations to license exchanges. Two experts – Angelina Kwan, CEO of Stratford Finance (and former COO of BitMEX), and Adrian Lai, founder and managing partner of Newman Capital – weigh in on the new rules in Hong Kong, which tokens can be listed, recent reports that China may be sanctioning this activity, and how the crypto community is responding so far. Plus, they dissect the latest developments of the digital yuan, whether China will ever embrace public blockchains, and the shifting global regulatory landscape for crypto, and more.

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Show highlights:
�� Angelina’s and Adrian’s backgrounds in crypto in Hong Kong
�� how crypto in Hong Kong has evolved over the years
�� what the new Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) rules consist of, including which tokens will be allowed in the newly licensed exchanges
�� how the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has taken onboarding crypto companies in the banking system very seriously
�� why Angelina says that crypto companies have already stopped leaving Hong Kong
�� how some people are worried how a potential crackdown on crypto in China could affect Hong Kong
�� why the SFC has committed to issuing a paper on tokenization and why it is particularly interested in real estate
�� the importance of the development of the digital yuan
�� whether the new regulations in Hong Kong mean that China is prepared to adopt crypto in the mainland
�� how China is ‘excelling’ at adopting real-world use cases, according to Angelina
�� why you can’t say “NFTs” in China and why the metaverse represents a “huge problem,” according to Adrian
�� whether China will let public blockchains succeed
�� how the global regulatory landscape has been changing and what it means for the future of digital assets
�� whether Africa is the next frontier of growth and what role the Middle East is playing

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⭐️ Angelina Kwan, CEO of Stratford Finance
⭐️ Adrian Lai, Founder and Managing Partner of Newman Capital

Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:13 Guests’ backgrounds
04:57 History of crypto in HK
16:45 SFC new regulation
32:18 Efforts to attract crypto companies
37:45 China threats
42:58 Future developments around regulation
52:58 Chinese initiatives
1:02:11 Regulations around the world

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Crypto regulation and bitcoin ETFs: ‘It’s important to keep the playing field level’: Grayscale CEO

#bitcoin #bitcoinETF #crypto #metaverse
Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein spoke with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung about crypto regulation, bitcoin ETFs, and the metaverse.
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