Airwallex and MODIFI Launch Global B2B Payments Solution

Airwallex and MODIFI Launch Global B2B Payments Solution

Airwallex and MODIFI join forces to launch a streamlined Global Account Solutions, revolutionising cross-border B2B payments with seamless integration and cost mitigation.

Airwallex’s CEO Discusses Company Values in Detail

Airwallex – Enabling modern businesses to grow beyond borders

Airwallex, as a pioneer in the Fintech industry, is at the forefront of creating better financial services solutions with technology and empowering the transformation of businesses of all sizes to scale globally, without the limitation of accesses and regions.

“In today’s world, businesses and consumers alike expect fast, reliable services, and this is the same when it comes to making payments and transactions,” says Pranav Soode, General Manager, EMEA at Airwallex.

It’s incredibly difficult, as it always has been, to do business across borders. Managing money in different territories, different currencies, and different legal and regulatory obligations – it’s cumbersome and expensive. At Airwallex, we are on a journey to solve this challenge, and have built one of the most powerful financial technology platforms to remove the constraints and frictions inherent in the traditional financial system.

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Airwallex 2 Minute Demo Introduction – Singapore

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Airwallex UK: How it works in 90 seconds

A brief introduction to the Airwallex global business account, a payments solution for your global business needs.